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Solutions and modern design by Wofi Leuchten. WOFI luminaries for interiors. Homes, offices, hotels, lobbies, conference rooms. Now available also illuminating your garden and yard area by Wofi. Ask by mail for more information.

Lamps, luminaries, fixtures or what ever we want to call it, anyway it is a remarkable part of interiors to have good light. It can be done with style together with energy saving. It´s incredible how much you can change with different lamps and lights. Challenge yourself, let your imagination fly and be creative.

WOFI luminaries are a great combination of German engineering and ravishing style. There are a lot of cheap copy products on market. Trendsetters will always be copied and WOFI is no exception. We will give 5 years warranty to WOFI products. Feel, see and touch the difference and you will understand why the choice is WOFI.

If you have interest in becoming WOFI retailer, contact us.

Under here some pieces of our WOFI selection. Click the picture to enlarge it.


wofi-2017-i    wofi-2017-b     wofi-2017-c     wofi-2017-d wofi-2017-e    wofi-2017-f     wofi-2017-g     wofi-2017-h

Technical details of luminaries are available. Just ask more. You can also download and take your time to get familiar with WOFI products.

Full WOFI Catalogue 2015 in pdf format

Full WOFI Catalogue 2016 in pdf format

Full WOFI Cataloque 2017 in pdf format

WOFI 5 year warranty registration

WOFI quality and safety information. Download

Or category by category, including also traditional lamps from the year 2015 selection.

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