The pro-environmental PJ  bio-fuel equipments ensure high efficiency, clean combustion, wide fuel automatics, wide operating range and reasonable price.


We design and execute heating plant according to the most demanding fuel. We adapt our equipment to the quality, humidity and bit size of fuel. It guarantees the most economic solution for You.

Our New  Technology  Innovations  create availability to use
The Plants can use grain based fuels, reeds, canes, rape pellets, straw etc.

Combustion technique:

As the combustion system we are using ceramic burning system of our own design and development. The burning technique with ceramic fire surfaces tolerates high temperatures and is reliable in use. Click the picture to enlarge it.

PJ Combustion technique


Controlling and regulating of the system is taken care by a computer. The automatics is executed acc. to the customer’s needs.


The burning system can be installed either in a new or an old boiler.


The conveyors and fuel storages are always designed acc. to the customer’s needs.


The heating equipment can be installed in the available room. Alternatively it can be delivered as a container or with building elements.

Energy plants supplied by PJ have many benefits:

•Environmental friendly

•Innovative technology solutions

•Low costs

•High efficiency

•Full services

With their low capital and operating costs, these plants have been designed to give owners and investors the highest possible return on their investment.

PJ Boilerhouse