Unicon Pellet


Environmentally friendly  Unicon Pellet boiler plant

Unicon Pellet is an environmentally friendly and modern plant solution to balance peak loads in district heating, to act as a backup plant or to generate process steam. A pellet-fired plant can also be used as a base load plant for district heat production.

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We offer turnkey pellet plant solutions ranging from 3 to 25 MW / boiler. By placing several plants side by side, the capacity the customer requires can be reached. The boiler is either a fire-tube boiler or a water-tube boiler, depending on the output and usage requirements for hot water or steam.

The pellet plant solution utilizes existing technologies to form a new combination of pulverized combustion technology and traditional water or steam boiler technologies. The wood powder burner is a so-called multi-fuel burner, which can be fired with gas or oil in addition to wood powder if necessary. Their high level of automation allows unmanned operation with only periodic checkups needed.

Pulverized combustion technology

1.The pellet fuel is stored in silos with 2 – 5 day buffers, depending on the situation
2.The fuel is pulverized in a hammer mill after silo storage
3.The pulverized fuel is led to a filter to remove excess air
4.The fuel is then transferred to intermediate storage for a few hours before being fed to the burner

The advantages of pellets

●Low cost

Pellet prices remain competitive compared to fossil fuels which are more sensitive to market fluctuations.
● Renewable fuel

It is possible to use renewable fuels in the form of wood pellets or briquettes.
● High energy density

High energy density of pellets enables simple fuel logistics which reduces the environmental impact.
● Green choice

Replacing an old boiler with a RampUp pellet boiler significantly reduces CO2 emissions from district heating and process steam. Switching to a pellet plant is good for the environment.
● Startup is fast and easy

The pellet plant reacts quickly to load changes, making it an excellent solution for a peak load and back-up plant.


 Technical data
 Model Unicon Pellet HW
 Boiler Fire-tube or water-tube boiler
 Boiler size 3-25 MWth
 Boiler efficiency up to 91 %
 Pressure (max) 6 – 16 bar
 Temperature (max) 150 – 204 ºC
 Fuel Pellet, briquettes


 Technical data
 Model Unicon Pellet ST
 Boiler Fire-tube or water-tube boiler
 Boiler size 4-37 t/h
 Boiler efficiency up to 91 %
 Pressure (max) 100 bar
 Temperature (max) 500 ºC
 Fuel Pellet, briquettes