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Responsible energy solution.

All energy production units work most efficiently when they are operated and maintained properly. Our own service organization guarantees high quality service for the whole life cycle of the boiler plant.
Take a look what we offer; Let´s find the best solution for you together – it can be a full operations and maintenance agreement or a tailor made service solution just for your needs.

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PlantSys is a plant operation system, which enables remote assistance and remote control via web. PlantSys Portal consists of additional Modules, which can be implemented according to Customer’s needs.

PlantSys system collects operational data regarding the plant equipment and records it to the server. According to an additional agreement with a Customer this information is simultaneously transferred to the Service provider enabling online support service. Back up files can be also automatically transferred to the Customer’s preferred server.
› PlantSys System Interface description ENG, PDF   –    › PlantSys Portal Structure Diagram ENG, PDF