Cariboni / Suomeksi


KALOS is an urban and residential lighting system specifically designed to house LED technology. The features of the luminaire’s form and optics impede the skyward dispersion of luminous flux. The luminaire can be post-top mounted with an arm for upwards or suspension installation or string suspended. This is a beautiful combination of old style into new technology.

The post top version is availablle with 2 or 4 side arms, the suspended one is available only with 4 arms. The post top version with 4 side arms can provide a more classical look if equipped with the decorative upper cover. Optics: cycle routes, symmetrical, street optics and street optics front & back.

kalos-lato-palo_slide-1  kalos-sospensione-braccio_slide-1  kalos-sospensione-tesata_slide-1

kalos-testa-palo-urbano-slide-4  kalos-sospensione-urbano-slide-2  kalos-lato-palo-urbano-slide-3

  • IP66
  • IK )8
  • Isolation class II
  • CRi over 70
  • Lifespan over 80.000h L80, TM21 in 25c degrees
  • Exempt from photobiological risk
  • Post top diameter 60mm
  • Suspended on diameter 48 / 60mm arms

kalos-broschure data sheet with full information