HRSG – Heat recovery solutions

Unicon HRSG heat recovery steam generators

The HRSG boilers are manufactured either in horizontal or vertical types. The vertical boiler is more compact in structure and can be fit in smaller plants and even indoor facilities. The horizontal boiler is used mainly in larger plants.
Supplementary firing can be added to both boiler types so that the required energy volume can be produced with all gas turbine partial loads.
The boilers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Most of the heat transfer surfaces have finned tube structure. KPA Unicon manufactures HRSG solutions for the production of hot water and steam up to 300 t/h.

HRSG Pic 1


Technical data
Model Unicon HRSG
Capacity 30 – 300 t/h
Boiler Natural circulation water tube boiler
Boiler size 30 – 100 t/h
Pressure (max) 100 bar
Temperature 500 °C
Fuel Heat source is combustion gases generated by gas turbines. Natural gas with auxiliary burner
Burner equipment Possibility for supplementary firing to ensure required steam temperature with gas turbine´s partial load or during cold season
Fuel gas temperature 120 – 200 °C