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Italian company with two main lines in our services. Dleds and Dpower. Detas Dpower is a pioneer in developing and producing LED devices to replace old non efficient warning and safety lights. They have experience in LED optics and with solutions they can offer you can get the best out of selected products. Products meet and exceed European and International standards.

Dleds division with their motto “Living in a new light” has brought the experience in optics and power supplies in functional LED lighting. We are concentrating in pedestrian safety and street lights. Offering Detas products we can proudly stand behind the solutions. High quality products and the best optics available together means reliable performance with low energy consumption.

Pedestrian crosswalk safety, street lights, tunnel lights, outdoor area lighting and canopies. Just contact us and the right solution will be found. If you want the best simply contact us and forget compromises.

Detas Group company profile

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Dleds is an expert what comes to optics. Read more and you can see how important the optics is.

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