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When the style meets quality. Cariboni products are design products for urban lighting. With Cariboni products you can simple upgrade the value of your territory. New technology together with high quality brings it into reality. Modern high-tech product can be also a piece of art of design. lighting industry, plays a leading role in modern society; that’s why it has to be the result of a responsible activity of research and development, which takes care of the needs of customers, consumers and environment.

Realization of “100% Made in Italy” products with energy consumption minimized and performing optics designed to obtain the best photometric result, visual comfort and the absence of light dispersion towards the sky.

Organizing production processes socially responsible with a focus on limiting wastefulness and ecology.


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Under here some example references:

Ekleipsis Residential II  Ekleipsis II

Ekleipsis Park

Cube of Light

BridgeExpo MilanoBosch

Waterfront BrindisiFreedom Bridge VeneziaSalons de lumiere

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