Boiler island

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Unicon Biograte Citius, Unicon Biograte Altius and Unicon Biograte Fortius are boiler island solutions for power plants to produce electricity in the range of 2,5 MWe to 15 MWe. The optimal steam production capacity and steam parameters are optimized for each project.
Our boiler island solutions are designed for sustainable energy generation, focusing on flexible utilization of local renewable fuels as well as innovative technologies and lifetime services. Our solutions are high modularized and prefabricated which makes the transportation all over the world easy and the installation time at the site is short.
Typical delivery for boiler island is a turnkey delivery to customer´s foundations, including fuel feeding and fuel handling systems, combustion technology, boiler, flue gas cleaning and additional equipment.
The right kind of combustion technology and fuel feeding play important roles in the efficient operation of the plant. Our Biograte combustion technology allows very wide range of different fuels for example wood chips, peat, sawdust, forest residues, landscape residues, bark and also agro fuels and waste as secondary fuel. The moisture content of the fuel can be up to 65% because of the combustion technology which is designed to utilize wet biomass fuels.
We develop our technologies to utilize new types of biomass fuels, such as recycling wood and industry by-products.
The scope of supply and terms of delivery are negotiable according to customer’s need. The scope of supply is very flexible, it can be anything between FCA (Free Carrier) to full turnkey delivery.

Unicon Biograte Citius and Unicon Biograte Altius consist of one boiler.

(The following values are optimized to each project)

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 Steam production capacity typically  10 – 14 MWth
 Steam pressure typically  ~ 32 bar
 Steam temperature typically ~ 450ºC


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 Steam production capacity typically  18 – 22 MWth
 Steam pressure typically  ~ 66 bar
 Steam temperature typically ~ 480ºC

 Unicon Biograte Fortius consists of 2 boilers.
(The following values are optimized to each project)

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 Steam production capacity typically  36 – 50 MWth
 Steam pressure typically  ~ 66 bar
 Steam temperature typically ~ 480ºC

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